TSAS Summer Academy 2015


TSAS aims to cultivate a new generation of well-informed scholars and policy analysts. The Summer Academy is a principal part of this plan and brings together graduate students, post-doctoral students and junior policy makers and analysts from across Canada to participate in a highly focused learning experience.

The Summer Academy is designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of radicalization, terrorism, and security and how all of these intersect with the rapidly changing nature of Canadian society. Topics covered in 2015 ranged from the history of terrorism, to the study of radicalization to violence, legal aspects, civil liberties, and more.

Student Testimonials

“The Summer Academy truly surpassed my expectations. As a Policy Analyst, the deeper understanding I’ve developed through presentations by colleagues in operational roles and academia will allow me to make a more meaningful contribution in my work.”

“The TSAS Summer Academy offers a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners to learn, network, and critically engage with interesting material in a forum that is rich, and thick with knowledge. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone deeply interested in issues around terrorism, security, and society.”

“This summer conference allowed access to students working in specific fields which are beneficial to the area we are working in and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the future. I was very impressed with the cross section of students, academia , professionals and government who participated in this summer academy.”

July 20-24, 2015

University of British Columbia



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