TSAS Summer Academy 2013


TSAS aims to cultivate a new generation of well-informed scholars and policy analysts. The Summer Academy is a principal part of this plan and in July 2013 brought together graduate students from 10 universities from across Canada and representatives from 8 different federal government agencies to participate in a highly focused learning experience. Addressing the three pillars of TSAS – Terrorism, Security, and Society, the Summer Academy covered a wide array of topics within our unique Canadian context. Participants received a thorough grounding in the history of Canadian terrorism, the state of research in the field, and Canada’s counter-terrorism policy and legal framework.

Student Testimonials

“Thanks again for a fabulous learning experience, I can’t rave enough about the academy, what it offers, and how it has prepared me for my immersion into my master’s program.”

“I found this to be an invaluable experience which provided me with connections that will undoubtedly prove to be fruitful for my future research.”

“I was very impressed at how each presentation was different in terms of the issue it focused, its orientation, and at the attempts to try and integrate all these different strands of research and practice knowledge together.”

July 21-26, 2013

University of British Columbia


Agenda and Speakers

Due to copyright legalities, if you would like to obtain copies of presentations made at the Summer Academy, please contact individual speakers directly.

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