Stephanie Bartlett

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

During her undergraduate studies in International Affairs, Stephanie majored in security and developed an interest for terrorism, which led her to NPSIA’s Intelligence and National Security program at Carleton University. In this program, Stephanie has completed courses such as Terrorism, Intelligence & International Affairs, Strategic Foresight, as well as Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation. During her first year, Stephanie was a Graduate Research Assistant to Professor Jeremy Littlewood for the “Future of Terrorism Project”.

September 2016, Stephanie became the TSAS Blog manager and editor with Kendra Eyben and Jessica Marano. In 2015, Stephanie was a research officer for The Next Century Foundation (London, UK), which works primarily to support/host peace initiatives for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. She conducted research and collaboratively prepared a report on the ideological foundation of ISIL/ISIS, which was subsequently launched at the Middle East Policy Council in Washington D.C. In the upcoming months, Stephanie will graduate from NPSIA, and she plans to begin her career and gain work experience within Canada’s intelligence community. With the ultimate goal of undertaking a PhD related to terrorism and security.

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