Simon Marmura Brown

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Simon Marmura Brown is a PHD student in Political Science at Queen’s University studying ethnonationalist and extremism. His current research continues work he undertook in his MA on the Alt-Right in the US and examines past and present anti-immigration sentiments—specifically those associated with the radical/far right—in Canada. As the renewed academic interest in right-wing extremism has shown, we are witnessing an increase in anti-immigrant ideologies and hate crimes against visible minorities. While most engagement examines the current movement as it organizes, communicates, and recruits, there has not been an historic analysis of it since the 1980s. He hypothesizes that these movements—always present in some form throughout Canada’s history—increase as a consequence of economic anxiety. This often occurs after economic crashes or crises. As such, his research examines the rise of these ideologies in relation to economic fluctuations. Through my doctoral research he hope to identify concrete policies and activisms that have attenuated these movements in the past in order to contribute contemporary policy alternatives and institutional reforms that support a more peaceful and inclusive Canadian society today.

Follow him on Twitter: @smarmurabrown

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