Simon Malevich

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

I first become interested in the field of terrorism research at the height of Daesh’s power in 2014. Witnessing the onslaught of the group’s millenarianism inspired me to research the conditions that led to the violence occurring in Iraq and Syria. In my undergraduate, I conducted research on the intersection between terrorist violence and governance, with Afghanistan, Iraq, Quebec, and Colombia as specific case studies. This research would lead me to work as an open source intelligence researcher with the South Korean Navy’s counter-terror, military police, and underwater demolition teams through the Royal Canadian Navy, and off the coast of Syria contributing to the fight against Daesh.

Now pursuing a Master of Global Affairs from the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, I have just returned from a work-term with the Global Coalition Against Daesh, where I conducted open source research and threat intelligence on behalf of the 81-member coalition. I am presently pursuing a research project along with fellow TSAS Junior Affiliate Camilla Balbis seeking to establish whether there is a correlation between the volume of terrorist content on far and extreme right wing websites such as 8chan and lone actor attacks conducted in the United States.

I am seeking affiliation with TSAS in order to meet and collaborate with fellow scholars in the terrorist research field. My current research aligns well with the three pillars of TSAS, exploring whether terrorist messaging radicalizes vulnerable populations, and will make relevant policy recommendations.

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