Shannon Nash

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Dr. Shannon Nash is the Postdoctoral Network Manager of the North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network (NAADSN). This collaborative network provides timely, relevant, and reliable expert advice on North American and Arctic defence and security topics. Dr. Nash is also a post-doctoral research fellow at Trent University with NAADSN and a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Waterloo. She has recently completed a review of important studies and practical efforts to anticipate and reduce risk factors contributing to lasting traumatization of terrorist victims for a chapter in the forthcoming Handbook of Terrorism Prevention and Preparedness. She has also recently developed work on The Pivot from Terrorism in an Era of Renewed Great Power Competition.
Shannon received her Ph.D. in History from the University of Toronto with a focus on 20th Century American History, Terrorism, and International Relations. She studies past and present terrorist threats and attacks as well as Canadian, American, and international defence, security and counterterrorism policies. Shannon’s doctoral thesis focused on the reality of al Qaeda espionage methodology and how the idea of a sleeper agent was perceived and adapted to fit the terrorist threat posed by al Qaeda from the 1990s onwards. She was a research affiliate with Public Safety Canada for which she produced a report on the foreign fighter threat and valuable international government initiatives.


Researching Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism through a Network Lens
Published in 2014 • TSAS WP14-01
Martin Bouchard and Rebecca Nash

Picture of Shannon Nash
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