Sadaf Mirzahi

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

Sadaf Mirzahi is working on Christian identity terrorists in North America and the nature of the relationship between the Christian identity movement and racialized violence in
North America. She hopes the findings of her study will be crucial in understanding what
Canada needs to build resilience and safeguard stability, peace, and public security in the face of global terrorist trajectories and currents.
Sadaf’s plans to complete a MA in Sociology at the University of Alberta, then pursue a PhD in Sociology with a focus on terrorism studies. During her graduate studies she has written, and presented at the 17th Annual Africa Conference, University of Texas, Austin, a paper on the Christian identity movement, which has been submitted for publication. She is currently in the process of completing er MA at the University of Alberta under the guidance of Temitope Oriola, an associate professor and expert on terrorism.

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