Ratna Ghosh

Senior Research Affiliate

Ratna Ghosh is a Professor in Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University.

She has published extensively in the area of Multiculturalism and education.  Her research has focused on the impact of ‘difference’ on identity development and the educational achievements of youth who are ‘different’ from the norm in society and societal institutions such as schools. One of the markers of difference (especially since 9/11) has been religion and she has now turned her focus on how education may be unwittingly contributing to youth disenchantment with Western society so that they are attracted to violence and the messages of extremism.  Education must take on the responsibility to steer youth away from violence and radicalization.

Towards that end she has developed research proposals for several funding agencies to look at various aspects of (1) youth understanding of terrorism and (2) teachers attitude towards discussing such controversial topics in class. Education is not a topic in Canada’s Counter Terrorism policy. Yet a large part of socialization and peer pressure takes place in educational institutions.


Trajectories of Radicalized Females in Montreal
Published in 2018 • TSAS WP 2018-05
Ratna Ghosh, Hicham Tiflati, Alice Chan, Helal Hossain Dhali and Maihemuti Dilimulati

Picture of Ratna Ghosh
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