Petra Regeni

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

Petra Regeni graduated from Dalhousie University with an Honours degree in Political Science in 2019. Her thesis was on the topic of terrorism and Islamic ideology. The specific nature of the thesis centred around the word “jihad” and how three different Islam-based organizations have all interpreted the word differently in correlation with their desired political objectives. By tracing the historical origins of the word jihad, its evolution throughout history and its role within modern Islamic terrorist organizations, the thesis demonstrated the complexity of the words interpretative nature, as well as how it is an important aspect of each groups perception of political objectives, use of violence and general ideology. Furthermore, an important aspect of the thesis was to debunk the myth that ‘jihad’ translates and equates to a ‘holy war’ – as this is a misperceived definition fuelled by social media and news outlets.
She has taken a year off between her BA and MA to work and intern in the Middle East with various NGOs, her interests still veer toward topics of terrorism. She hopes to enhance my knowledge in the field and provide better resources and information for the near future when she begins to select and apply for my MA.

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