Nazia Hussain

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Nazia Hussain is a PhD candidate in the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. Her research interests are urban violence, urban governance, terrorism, and transnational crime.

She has worked in the capacity of a graduate researcher at the Terrorism, Transnational Crime, and Corruption Centre (TraCCC). At TraCCC she has had a chance to learn and collaborate with experts in the field. As a student of public policy, she has been trained to approach issues with a policy-oriented approach, so that one can suggest solutions to identified problems.

Her doctoral dissertation is focusing on how links between various non-state actors including criminals and terrorists can destabilize countries and regions. These actors have a local footprint, but transnational reach and global designs, and thus pose a grave threat to international security. Her case study is Karachi, Pakistan, a megacity of around 21 million people, which is important, not only for its relevance to South Asia, but also as a city of an important country in the Islamic world.

Picture of Nazia Hussain
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