Mir Hussain Mahdavi

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Mir Hussain Mahdavi is a cultural studies Ph.D. student at Trent University.
Originally from Afghanistan he has completed two Masters degree in his home country, one in Islamic studies and another in journalism. Mahdavi has completed his third masters in cultural studies at McMaster University in Hamilton.
His research explores how multicultural systems, the system which is more known as the cultural music system contributes to fundamentalism and radicalism.
As a student in the area of cultural studies and as an Afghan, he plans to explore if there is a link between the way of life among immigrants in Canada, the Canada’s cultural system and radicalism. In my view, each group of immigrants create their own cultural community, where they can communicate and present their cultural productivities in their mother lounge. My initial assumption is that this cultural communities, or this cultural-corners gradually disconnect itself from the mainstream culture as well as well the mother-culture. I would like to focus on how and why this cultural disconnection occurs and what kinds of affects this can bring to the mainstream culture.

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