Marie Ouellet

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Marie Ouellet is a PhD candidate in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University.

Her primary research focus has been on illicit trafficking networks, and criminal groups – how and why particular organizations are structured and how this differs across illicit markets. By conducting these analyses she has strived to reliably understand the distinct characteristics of market players, including their network structure, and the factors that shape their success. These interests are embodied by her master’s thesis, which assessed the structure of the synthetic drug market across the province of Quebec, and her current PhD research which examines the network evolution of terrorist organizations.




Assessment of the state of knowledge: Connections between research on the social psychology of the Internet and violent extremism
Published in 2016 • TSAS WP16-05
Martin Bouchard, Garth Davies, Benjamin Ducol, Christine Neudecker and Marie Ouellet

Picture of Marie Ouellet
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