Margarita Bizina

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Margarita Bizina is a PhD student at Tomsk State University in Tomsk, Russia. She has previously worked as Crime Analyst for the City of Surrey. She has completed her Master of Arts in Diplomacy degree at Norwich University in Vermont via online learning.
She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours with Distinction degree from Bishop’s University with concentration in Political Studies and International Relations. She has always been fascinated with the topic of combating international terrorism, and has written an undergraduate thesis titled The Political Economy of Terrorism in Relation to the Evolution of International Law.
Her particular interest lies in the area of terrorism prevention and as such the need for understanding the underlying causes of these acts.
In 2014 she co-authored an article on radicalization of youth which was published in Global Security Studies journal and in 2019 she presented on the topic of characteristics of radicalization at Konrad Adenauer Stiftung conference «Global Policies on Countering Extremism: Lessons Learned from Syria and Iraq».

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