Luqman Saeed

Senior Research Affiliate

Luqman Saeed is an Assistant Professor of Economics at NUR International University, Lahore. His major area of research is the study of terrorism (with particular focus on Pakistan) from an economic and interdisciplinary perspective. He makes use of quantitative methods to investigate various dimensions of terrorism in Pakistan. He has contributed numerous research papers (peer and non-peer reviewed) to international journals, co-investigated project funded by USAID. Recently his papers have been accepted for conference presentations in Turkey and United Kingdom (University of Oxford). He is developing data set on terrorists from Pakistan. The data set provides information on various attributes of over 900 terrorists from Pakistan. He is currently working on monograph that describes patterns and causes of political violence (terrorism, state terrorism, riots, violent political demonstrations etc.) in Pakistan. He is also studying educational background of terrorists and investigating the impact of education on preference for terrorism in Pakistan. I will be presenting this study in March 2017 in conference at University of Oxford.

Picture of Luqman Saeed
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