Louis-Philippe Caron

Non-Academic Affiliate

Louis-Philippe Caron is a lawyer and political scientist based in Montreal. In 2020, he completed a Master’s degree in international relations at Harvard University, for which he wrote a thesis on the impact of climate change on the resurgence of violent non-state actors in the Lake Chad Basin. His intention is to combine both his profession and his passion to strengthen the research on terrorism and its impacts on national and international security.
Through his work as a lawyer at IMK LLP, he is in a strong position to analyze and critique the body of international humanitarian law, with the intention of strengthening its core and promote to Canadian and international entities the importance of the rule of law on the peace and security of afflicted countries. As a political scientist with a background in the study of terrorism in the Sahel, Louis-Philippe is particularly aware of the peculiarities of the region and the plight of its population.



TSAS Affiliate
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