Laura Huey

Senior Research Affiliate

Dr. Laura Huey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Western Ontario. Her research focuses on policing, cyber-security, surveillance and terrorism. She has authored two books on the provision of security for homeless crime victims and is co-editor (with Luis Fernandez) of a collection on alternate forms of policing. Laura recently served as a member of the Canadian Council of Academies’ expert panel on the future of policing models, is a member of SERENE-RISC and organized the Canadian Policing Research Network (CPRN).


Cheering on the Jihad: An Exploration of Women’s Participation in Online Pro-jihadist Networks
Published in 2016 • TSAS WP16-07
Laura Huey and Hillary Peladeau

No Sandwiches Here: Representations of Women in Dabiq and Inspire Magazines
Published in 2015 • TSAS WP15-04
Laura Huey

Picture of Laura Huey
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