Khaled Sulaiman

Non-Academic Affiliate

Sulaiman is a well published writer, researcher, and journalist in Middle Eastern, Canadian and international media outlets. He has written and published articles and books in Arabic, French, and Kurdish on several topics/issues that affect the MENA people on daily basis, such as terrorism, water related issues, human rights, minorities, justice, youth, women, politics as well as the social changes and trends.

Sulaiman has written on topics that specifically affect social mediation, youth, social challenges, and communication in Iraq and ME. He has a wealth of analysis, synthesis and knowledge on the socio-political issues in the ME societies and its historical context gives me deep knowledge to analyse. In addition he has experience in human rights documentation and training on specific topics such as religious and ethnic minority rights.

He is also a certified trainer and have delivered training sessions on the mentioned topics above. Through his experiences in Iraq, Middle East and North Africa, he has developed a strong professional expertise and training methodology on the social issues such as social cohesion, combating the violence through the media and social network. He managed and co-managed a series of training projects on same topics between 2011-2015 in Iraq.

1)Eliminating Radicalism in the Arab and Islamic World: Education before Prison and Court :

2)Islamists of Kurdistan: Contradictions Between Identity and Freedom :

3)Tunisian Youth and “Jihadist” Migration: A Historical Perspective :

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TSAS Affiliate
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