Jing Xiaoli

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Jing Xiaoli is a doctoral student in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University. Her research interests include international education and multicultural education. Since enrolling in my PhD program in 2017, she has been working with the research team led by Dr. Ratna Ghosh who is currently doing research on preventing extremism through educational research. Jing has already participated in several grant proposal writings related to education and religious radicalization and extremism and will be presenting a joint paper titled “Rhetoric and realities in countering radicalization in education: Data from Quebec” with Dr. Ghosh in the Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society of the US in Mexico City in March 2018. Her future work will focus on the national identity of Muslim youth in China to examine how their perceptions of being Chinese are shaped by schooling.

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