Gregory Haynes

Non-Academic Affiliate

Gregory Haynes career path was directly influenced by the staged coup of democratically elected government of Trinidad and Tobago which lasted in July 1990. This coup lasted for six harrowing days and the end the leader Imam Yasin Abu Bakr and his one hundred and fifteen accomplices were set free by way of an amnesty. The pain and horror that was bestowed upon the people of Trinidad and Tobago is still alive to this date. Many unanswered questions continue to linger even to this day. Questions about the state of the society prior to the insurrection together with the intelligence reports, which would have suggested that there was an impending attack have still not been answered.

Six years after the coup Haynes was old enough to enlist into the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service where he was attached to various sections that all dealt with organised crime and counter terrorism. He has also had the opportunity to serve internationally since he spent part of his service attached to the Bermuda Police Service.
Currently he is serving with the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission, focusing on the investigation of Financial Crime.
After completing my Diploma at the University of Trinidad and Tobago in Criminology and Public Safety he recently applied to the Humber College Toronto Canada where he will start in September 2020.

TSAS Affiliate
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