Fraser Waldron

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Fraser Waldron is a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide’s Law School. His research focus is on law enforcement intelligence frameworks as they relate to threats to public safety, with a particular focus on information in the pre-criminal space.

In addition to his PhD studies, he works as a Counter Terrorism Information Officer with the Calgary Police Service. Within this role he manages a community-led intelligence initiative with a focus on unusual and suspicious activity as it relates to organized crime and threats to public safety. This work includes networking with a variety of private and public community partners, in addition to the creation and maintenance of a permanent intelligence framework by which volunteered information flows effectively from trusted community partners to specialized police resources.

He received a BA in political science from Simon Fraser University, a MA (with Merit) in the politics of conflict and violence from the University of Leicester, and a Diploma in Policing Studies from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where he was the class Valedictorian.

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