Fay Al-Hakim

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

Fay Al-Hakim has completed her Master’s Degree from King’s College London in Intelligence and International Security, and is currently an intern at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Vienna. She has successfully completed (with a First Class Honors distinction) several modules pertaining to intelligence, counterterrorism, homegrown radicalization, arms proliferation, cyber-security, and financial crime. Her chief areas of interest include counterterrorism, counter violent extremism, and radicalization and is fluent in Arabic and English, and possess intermediate command of French as well.

Al-Hakim’s dissertation attempts to answer the question of how to best address the unprecedented influx of foreign fighters returning to the West by examining the reintegration and criminalization methods. She intends to continue to conduct research on counterterrorism, particularly regarding homegrown radicalization/counter-radicalization in Western Europe and North America, and aspire to establish a career in international security.

Although her internship at the UNODC is still in its early stages, my responsibilities include conducting research and analysis on a variety of topics closely related to the work of TSAS.

Fay Al-Hakim
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