Benjamin Zyla

Senior Research Affiliate

Dr. Benjamin Zyla is an Assistant Professor in the School of International Development & Global Studies at the University of Ottawa.

His previous work concentrates on peace-keeping/building in the context of fragile states. This past year, he has expanded on this work to investigating the security-development nexus, broadly speaking. In particular, he is interested in how fragile states are conducive to hosting terrorist groups—that is what formal and informal structure does a country need to make it ‘attractive’ to terrorist organizations.

A related project investigates looks at the terrorism-development nexus, which is poorly understood in contemporary politics and development practice in particular. Specifically, this project asks the following questions: at what intersection(s) do these two concepts cross path(s), are the root causes of terrorism in poverty, exclusion, injustice, and what is the impact of terrorism on development more generally? And what consequences, if at all, does this have?

Picture of Benjamin Zyla


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