Audrey Gagnon

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Audrey Gagnon is a PhD student in political science at Concordia University, working under the supervision of Antoine Bilodeau“Antoine Bilodeau. Her PhD thesis attempts to better understand processes influencing both the adoption of anti-immigration views and the mobilization of individuals into groups inspired by these views. To do so, she will conduct semi-structured interviews with activists from anti-immigration groups in Quebec. This research will have important implications for the study of anti-immigrant sentiments and collective action in Canada. The individuals at the heart of this research represent an understudied part of the population that turns their backs on compromises by engaging in groups with controversial visions. Her research will help to better understand those individuals who have the potential to affect current debate on immigration. Finally, from a theoretical point of view, this research will improve the understanding of the relationship between political views and social mobilization. Gagnon is currently working on two papers related to issues of anti-immigration groups and sentiments. The former analyses the framing of anti-immigration ideas by social groups in Canada, while the later depicts individuals who hold xenophobic attitudes in Quebec.

Research Area(s):

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