Amy Savile

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Amy Savile is a PHD student in Sociology at the University of New Brunswick. She is a Research Assistant for ‘Developing an Analytical Framework of Operational and Inspirational Terrorist Leadership’ for Dr. David Hofmann (UNB) and Dr. Paul Joosse (University of Hong Kong). She has an undergraduate course experience in globalized communications, Muslim, and Judaism studies and topics such as contemporary global conflicts, privacy issues in Canada, moral panic and risk society. Her Masters thesis explored how post-9/111 narratives affected political and media discourses and resulting policies during the ‘Ontario Sharia Debate’. Her PHD dissertation will focus on how immigrants to Atlantic Canada use social media to aid in integration, acceptance, and social capital.

She aims to explore how organizations transition from positions of social or spiritual activism to extremism and/or terrorism and who (which roles) within these organizations are the catalyst for such a shift. A recurring theme in her studies is how, real or perceived, threats of terrorism/extremism affect interactions, perceptions and policies directed at certain cohorts in society and their resulting experiences and activities. She is a mixed methods researcher with particular interest in social networking analysis and large-scale statistical analyses.

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