Amparo Pamela Fabe

Non-Academic Affiliate

Amparo Pamela Fabe is Faculty member of the National Police College of the Philippines. She began her research career focused on Anti-Money Laundering and Counterterrorist Financing of Islamic State Groups in Southeast Asia for the past seven years. She discovered family networks among terrorists and used social network analysis to plot the inter-relationships. Fabe covered the terrorist groups of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. She has collaborated on research projects with foreign researchers on topics such as the inventory assets of Islamic State East Asia-influenced terrorist groups and the recruitment processes of terrorist organizations. She also did research on the financial networks of terrorist groups in Asia.

During and after the Marawi Siege, she carried out extensive research on Countering Violent Extremism among the women and children who were Internally Displaced Persons in Mindanao. Fabe analyzed the push and pull factors of youth recruitment into terrorist organizations. She also tried to understand the personal motives of women in joining terrorist groups. Fabe carried out research among the members of terrorist organizations who were incarcerated after the Marawi Siege. She also did a special study on female suicide bombers who were recruited by ISIS operative from Indonesia in Mindanao and she explored the inter-marriages of jihadist personalities with Filipino Muslim women.

The future areas of research that she would love to explore in the future through my linkage with TSAS are in these areas:
a.) understanding recidivism of members of terrorist groups;
b.) female suicide bombers: psychology and personal aspirations;
c.) when women embrace terrorism: challenges

Follow her on Twitter: @amparopamela

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