Ali Cem Dogan

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

After Ali Cem Dogan obtained his bachelor’s degree, he began working as a filmmaker and photographer in several different fields of audiovisual productions. In 2016, he moved to Greece from Turkey for his master’s education. He has since received his MA in Digital Media, Communication and Journalism from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) with the dissertation titled “The Audiovisual Rhetoric and Semiotic Analysis of Islamic State Propaganda Films” ( Link ). In this study, he examined Islamic State propaganda films by using filmic elements which aimed to provide cultural, ideological and theological understanding. Furthermore, with the semiotic analysis of the audiovisual materials, he addressed the relation between individual radicalization and recruitment purposes.
After graduation he was began a PhD in the department of Mass Communication in AUTH. The expected title of his dissertation is “Government Funded Audiovisual Counter Propaganda Narratives on The War on Terror” in which he will analyze the propaganda content of governments or/and legal military foundations/bodies.
He is eager to collaborate with colleagues in different disciplines who are working on topics related with radicalization, propaganda and countering violent extremism.

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